Residential Landscape Design Process

The residential landscape design process starts with an initial free on site meeting, where we will discuss your needs and wishes.  We will then provide a landscape design quote listing exactly what services will be provided by Mystic Woods Landscape Design.

The landscaping quote usually consists of a site survey that maps out any existing features on the property, including driveways, walkways, patios, existing trees and shrubs etc.  If the landscaping project is a new property development, then a professional site survey is to be provided showing the property and building dimensions.

Once the site survey is complete, we will provide you with 2 or 3 conceptual landscape designs to choose from.  Feel free to choose one of those designs or select elements from different concepts and integrate them into the final landscape layout. 

In order to offer you a wide choice, the different conceptual layouts we submit could include, where possible, several design styles for walkways, patios, decks, and driveways.  We also include alternate locations for play areas, shed, firepits etc.

New Home?  Call Us Early!
For brand new houses, I recommend meeting early, prior to any work being done on your deck, patio, and if at all possible, prior to all hard surfaces like driveways, and walkways being installed.  At Mystic Woods Landscape Design we can create more functional and artistic hardscapes than are currently being provided by most developers.

Progressing From Plan to Reality
Once the final layout design has been chosen, we provide you with an extensive planting plan with a plant chart showing the botanical and common names, size and quantity of plants.  Planting details showing how to plant trees and shrubs will be provided on either the planting plan or the construction plan.

We provide construction plans with detailed measurements on all features, along with area measurements of each feature, so accurate calculations can be made for material lists.

A Master Landscaping Plan is also included, giving a clear visual picture of what the property will look like, without all the labels adding confusion to the drawing.  It is important to us that you are able to visualize exactly what your landscaping will look like.

Conceptual drawings and the Master Plan drawing may both be provided in full colour if desired, though generally provided in black and white.  Full colour 3D modeling can also be provided for those hard to visualize landscapes.

For examples of conceptual drawings, planting plans, construction plans, and master landscaping plans, please click on the links below, to see the Residential Process.  You will see 3 different conceptual drawings, the final site plan (Master Plan), planting plan, construction plan of one complete project.